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stillness (inspired by “Serenity’s Flight by RR) by R.J. Heller

“I am deafened by the sheer magnitude of this moment, utter peace, tranquility to the tenth decibel ... ”

Don’t blink … look and take it all in
Deep breath, release, feel the essence of this grand
Not in scale, but in bounty
It speaks the language we all know
Mother tongue, the senses, I can feel it

Look, birds in flight, defy gravity but
Move within the frame, space between feathers
Recalls the last breeze, joyous for this time
Rapture of a beating heart … soft, fluffy
Gulls of splendor beauty, give purpose, I can feel it

Hear, creak of the boards, tired old bones
They sit, respite for the weary, reflect on
Throw a pebble, round and smooth
Ripples appear, soft answers to all
Caress the boat, safe harbor for today

Touch, cloud laden sky, it moves
Subtle precision counts the seconds, exposure
Hand in pocket, feel the lint
Know it is real, this time
I am here, really here, arms filled with presents

Taste the tranquility, draped in silence
Flavors good and bad, yearn for more
I remember, smile, giggle like a child
Days roll by, in memory, in this moment
This picture of pureness

Smell, an air full and heavy with purpose
Laden with experience, it sings a chorus of
Crusted with salt, licked by the sea, it remembers
Fleeting chapters, good and bad, as child, adult
Powerful in its embrace, gentle in comfort

We wrestle with decisions, time and life
We ask questions, demand answers, we seek
Frozen in calm, click of a shutter, a breath
Look…stillness speaks, answers the questions
I can feel it, now, today … for all time

Copyright© RJ Heller

Photo Courtesy Rodeo Rose
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